Our History

Pharmaserve was founded in 1984 and quickly grew into a significant player in the Greek pharmaceutical market.

In 1994 Pharmaserve - Lilly was founded as a joint venture between Pharmaserve and Eli Lilly & Company.

Today Pharmaserve - Lilly is one of the top ten companies in the Greek pharmaceutical market, enjoying high market share and providing a broad spectrum of products.

For over 25 years we have invested in relationships with the Greek healthcare market and with local healthcare communities and authorities.

Marketing & Promotion

Pharmaserve – Lilly has many years expertise selling and promoting:
• Pharmaceuticals
• OTC & Para-Pharmaceuticals
• Dietary Supplements

Clinical Research
European Medical Research Insitute (EMRI)

Pharmaserve - Lilly operates the internationally acclaimed European Medical Research Institute (EMRI). EMRI provides medical R&D services of the highest caliber, specializing in clinical research programs. Established in 1996, EMRI has conducted over one hundred medical research projects for major pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with over one thousand sites. All our research activities are conducted in compliance with the Principles of Medical Research, the Ethical Code (ICH-GCP Guidelines), and local laws and regulations. The quality of EMRI’s work is affirmed by 16 international audits over the past 15 years, with zero total findings.


Pharmaserve - Lilly has a state of the art distribution facility, and operates as a third party logistics company for ISO-9000 accredited healthcare products.

Pharmaserve-Lilly has built and maintained outstanding brand-identity with local wholesalers and retail pharmacists.

Our Partners

Our partners include:
• Eli Lilly & Company
• Recordati
• Biocosmetics
• NaturaLife Asia
• OTR3